Distracted driving. We all do it.

Distracted Driving causes more road fatalities than both speeding and impaired driving. Yet, according to a Kanetix.ca poll approximately 8 in 10 Canadian motorists confess to regularly having at least one bad habit while driving, including eating, drinking, talking or text messaging, putting on make-up and routinely taking their eyes off the road. These habits come at a cost – whether it’s a hefty fine or worse an accident. Stay safe on the road, save your distractions for later.

Tips To Stay Focused

  • If you need to send a text, pull over to a safe location
  • Allow calls to go to voicemail while driving
  • Use a hands-free wireless Bluetooth device
  • Keep two hands on the wheel
  • Avoid eating and grooming while driving
  • Review your route, pre-program your GPS
  • Properly secure pets and kids before hitting the road
  • Be a responsible passenger—don’t distract your driver

What distracts you while driving?

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Kanetix.ca is committed to education about safe driving. Our customers are drivers and our goal is to raise awareness on the leading cause of accidents, distracted driving. Take the pledge to not distracted drive today and help promote safe driving.

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